We introduce full-time positions to the registered members of our site.
Based on each member's desires and preferences, we select the companies that meet
his/her requirements and introduce suitable positions to each individual.
We also make sure to share detailed information including the job offer contents,
corporate culture and atmosphere, etc.

If you find a position of your interest, the next step is interview arrangement.
We help you to best prepare for successful interviews.

STEP 1: Member Registration

Once you register on our website, you have free access to our career counseling both offline and online. You can educate yourself about the job market trend as well as what positions are available through career counseling.

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STEP 2: Contact the Global Recruiting Counselor ~ continuous recruiting counseling

1. First, we listen to your desires and preferences thoroughly,
and then provide you with some information regarding open positions
and the job market. We exchange information with each other,
and we give you career counseling if needed,
to better solidify the course of your future.

2. We select some companies that meet your needs and
requirements and share with you in-depth information
about the companies and the positions,
including the details of the job offers,
corporate culture and the atmosphere, etc.

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STEP 3: Confirmation of Your Application / Interview Arrangement

Once you make a decision to apply for a position,
your career counselor will recommend you to the company
as a candidate and set up an interview for you.

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STEP 4: Job Offer

Once the company gives you an official job offer,
we will help you through the process until you actually join the company.
Please consult with your career counselor if you have any concerns.

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STEP 5: Before Entering the Company

Your career counselor will give you a full support until you enter the company.
Please consult with your counselor if you have any concerns.

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