For international students who are studying abroad, career fairs held in and out of Japan tend to be the major source of job hunting opportunities. In fact, quite a few number of international students attend those career fairs every year. The good thing about career fairs is that students can visit a number of companies all at once, and thus it is efficient in a sense. However, there are many students who are too busy during academic semesters to attend those seminars and have to miss the opportunities. Even if they could attend somehow, they have only limited amount of time as well as limited choices of the companies they can proceed with. Such reality often leads to the students' dissatisfaction in their job hunt, which eventually leads to the mismatch between the students and the companies. In fact, we see this happening more frequently these days.


We escort companies' representatives (usually from HR) to overseas campuses and hold on-campus company information sessions.
Interviews can be held at these occasions as well if needed.
We will instruct the candidates the basic job hunting techniques including how to write resumes, how to self-PR, etc. to help the candidates especially if they have never experienced "Japanese" job hunting before.

LOCATIONS AS EXAMPLES: We cover a wide range of US and England!

US West Coast: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego

Target Universities: UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSD, etc.

US East Coast: New York, Boston, etc.

Target Universities: Columbia University, NYU, MIT, Harvard University, Boston University, etc.

US Middle West: Chicago, etc.

Target Universities: University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, etc.

US South: Texas

Target Universities: University of Texas Austin, Texas A&M University, etc.

England: All over the country
Target Universities: Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of York, etc.

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne
Target Universities: University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Monash University, Australian National University, UNSW, etc.

Feedbacks from the students who participated in the Campus Seminars

◇UC Berkeley (Finance major), graduated in January, 2013:
At other career fairs that I have attended, there were too many companies and I had a hard time narrowing down my focus. As a result, I couldn't fully take advantage of the opportunities. What I liked about the campus seminar, on the other hand, was that I got to do in-depth research about the company before I met them, and I could learn even further when we actually met at the seminar, which I found was helpful for me.
◇Stanford University (Computer Science major), graduated in June, 2012:
I had only seen financial companies and consulting firms holding on-campus seminars before, so it was a new experience for me to attend manufacturing companies' on-campus seminars. I wish I had more time to communicate with them individually.
◇Columbia University (Economics major), graduated in January, 2013:
It was nice that the seminar was held on campus, as I didn't have to skip any class. We have very limited opportunities to meet Japanese companies like this, so I would be very appreciative if we could have this kind of opportunity on regular basis in the future.
◇Univerity of Michigan (Mechanical Engineering major), graduating in May 2013:
I really felt that they came all the way just to see us, so naturally I became serious about it, too as a participant. As a math and science major, I do not have much time to participate in regular career fairs (held off campus), so it was such a wonderful opportunity for me to attend this on-campus seminar.
◇UCLA (Economics major), graduating in June 2013:
It was nice to have an individual interview with the company representatives, as I got to hear things that I wouldn't be able to at bigger seminars. I wish we had more time to talk, because I am not really sure if I did well in self-PR…
◇Imperial College London (Electrical Engineering major), graduated in September 2012:
We rarely have this kind of opportunity in England, so I very much looked forward to it. Company representatives sincerely showed interests in what I said, and they answered nicely to whatever small questions I asked. I was definitely motivated to apply for the company after attending the seminar.


Major heavy industry manufacturers, Foreign tobacco manufacturers, General trade companies,
Major IT companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Web-related venture companies, Management consulting firms, etc.


E-mail : cr@lighthouse-gl.com
TEL : 03-3568-4881
Contact personnel: Sawada / Sakae